Corporate Event Catering as a buffet can be casual or high-end. With Vastavika caterers, the Best Catering Services In Dwarka, get the “themed” buffets instead of a bunch of different types of food on one plate.  Themed buffets serve as the best idea for corporate events. Favourite themed buffets are as follows:

“Nuevo Latino”

Latin flair Nuevo Latino buffet comes with a salad, mojo roasted chicken, picadillo, slow-roasted pork, pan-seared snapper with clam juice garlic sauce. Also, it has shrimp, rice and beans, sweet plantains, crusty bread.

“The Big Game”

Super bowl type parties can choose this theme. It comes with all the “big game” staples, including grilled beef hamburgers, smoked BBQ ribs, smoked BBQ chicken, coleslaw, B potato salad, pasta salad, Boston baked beans, and sliced seasonal fruit.

“The Luau”

It comprises grilled chicken seasoned, island chilli peppers and spices, grilled mahi-mahi, Kalua pulled pork,  mango pineapple salsa, fried rice with coconut milk, banana fritters, and sweet potatoes.

Winter Wonderland Theme

Nitro-infused cocktails, cold appetizers, and warm roasted meats make the menu perfect. Buffet.

Beach Party

Summer appetizers, light food items including fresh fruits and salads are perfect ones. Shrimp cocktails and summer cocktails give festive vibes.

Uttar Pradesh theme

The platter can serve a distinct style of cuisine. Kashmiri soups, or Sevai Tomato Kurma, will be impressive as the Benaras food theme.

Bengali palette

An interesting mix of cuisine will be amazing as it comprises rice, sweets, chutneys, and numerous other Bengali dishes.

South Indian style

South Indian theme from the Corporate Event Catering Services in Dwarka could be a refreshing choice. In addition to idli, dosas, you can add some lemon rice, curd rice to numerous others.

Final words

Vastavika caterers, the Food Caterers In Delhi are the one-stop destination where you can get the more interesting and fun corporate theme ideas. The best service on behalf of the teams is that they show their commitment to providing you with a quality and tasty menu aligned with the corporate catering theme. The corporate event will be a great success with the array of food choices you can select from for corporate events. In addition to that, the caterers even curate the menu with expertise to serve the best food.


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