An intimate party is the type of party hosted for a limited group of people who are close friends. Various fun events take place at such a social gathering. One of the key considerations of an intimate party is the food offered there. Imagine you are keeping a house party for your close friends. Right from the theme of the party to the music to be played at it, you have many things to worry about.

You can take the baggage of the food to be served off your head as we have the best caterers for a house party or an Intimate party in Delhi. Following are the top 10 caterers for the house party or intimate party in Delhi-

  • Shree Balaji Caterers

Shree Balaji Caterers is one of the leading businesses in catering service. It is in Sonia Vihar, Delhi, which is in Uttam Nagar. It is the one-stop destination and serves both local and other parts of Delhi. The business aims to expand its line of business in the future. They provide the best catering service.

  • Vastavika Caterers

Vastavika caterers provide the finest culinary catering experience one can dream of. From corporate gatherings, birthday parties to weddings, they encompass all the social events.

  • Drool’s Catering

Drool’s Catering is one of the best catering parties in sector 10. It is famous for wood-fired pizza, dim-sum, etc. They provide the best catering service.

  • Rahul Caterers

Rahul caterers are one of the best catering services in the business. It is one of the best outdoor catering services in sector 14Many people have loved the food and the service provided by Rahul Caterers.

  • Yummy Caterers

If you are looking out for party food catering, the Yummy Caterers are the best option you are looking out for.

  • Royale Catering Service

The Royale Catering Service in Delhi provides the most exemplary catering service, and it does justice to the name ‘Royal.’

  • Vintage Delhi Catering Service

The Vintage Delhi Catering service is one of the most famous catering service providers in Delhi.

  • Bhoj Catering Service

The Bhoj Caterers have been in the market for the last many years and have raised the bar for the other caterers due to their food and service.

  • The Catering Planner

The Catering Planner is one of the most famous service providers in Palam Vihar, New Delhi.

  • Tathastu Food Catering

They have been in the business for many years and are known for their best cuisines.


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